TypeIt4Me Review

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TypeIt4Me Review

One of the more useful examples: a short blog post’s worth of lorem ipsum placeholder text.

TypeIt4Me comes with a few sample clippings, and as our library grew, we really appreciated all the sorting options. You can order your list by most used, last used, alphabet, last added, and so on, and sync your clipping sets over iCloud to other Macs—and iOS devices with TypeIt4Me Touch ($4.99, universal). If you want to get old-school, a printable list of your clippings and abbreviations is one click away. And it’s easy to exclude some apps or restrict certain clipping sets to certain apps. You can even set up trigger keys that you have to press before an abbreviation, to avoid typing them inadvertently. Your clippings don’t have to be plain text, either. They can be rich text, images, or have special characters like tabs and returns. You can insert the date and time, nest clippings inside each other, and even run AppleScripts.

The bottom line. Category-leading TextExpander ($34.99 Mac, $4.99 iOS) goes further, letting you set up form-letter-like snippets and share your snippets on the web. But if you can forgo those, TypeIt4Me is just as great at saving you time.

Ettore Software

64-bit processor, OS X 10.7 or later


Nearly as robust as TextExpander but for less. On sale for $4.99 at press time. Syncs to a universal $4.99 app for iPad/iPhone.


Missing some of TextExpander’s more advanced features. No sharing or importing of clipping sets.



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I've used TypeIt4Me for over 15 years and it is truly a gem.

Every other sentence I type uses TypeIt4Me!

For example, I have 3 different job titles and work in two languages, so just there I have 6 different email signatures. Add to this my home address. Now I just have to type 4 letters (adrw, adrt, adrh, adrm, etc) to enter any of my 10 line addresses.

I’ve even created shorcuts for street addresses so online forms are now much faster to fill.

I have over 1300 abbreviations and I keep adding to it, which is very simple:

wherever you are, select the text you want an abbreviation for, press the appropriate key combination, and TypeIt4Me pops up, asking what shortcut you’d like to assign to the text you have selected. Voilà!

I love it!

I highly recommend it- BTW they have a 30 day full trial.

No, I'm not the developer! I just love how simple this app is and recognize how much time it has saved me.




TypeIt4Me doesn't get the credit it deserves. TypeIt4Me is the original. It's been available for Macs since the early nineties. Others have copied the concept, including MS Word in Autotype.

TypeIt4Me is so fast, you don't know it's there.

It's brilliant. And the developer is very responsive.

I really recommend this software.

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