Uniea Soft Suit Folio for iPhone 5 Review

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Uniea Soft Suit Folio for iPhone 5 Review

The Soft Suit Folio cradles your iPhone 5 in leather, in six luxurious colors (black, blue, pink, orange, white, or yellow). A tiny magnet embedded in the front cover keeps it snapped shut, but opens easily with a flick of your thumb. But I wish the iPhone loaded from the bottom instead of the top. As it is now, the top is wide open, but the bottom has two small straps across the bottom of your iPhone. They don't get in the way of the headphone jack or Lightning port, but they did keep Apple's Lightning-to-30-pin adapter from seating all the way.

The bottom line. It looks great, I love the colors, and the only Uniea logo is on the inside, under where the iPhone goes. If you don't need Apple's adapter, $34.95 is a deal for this.


iPhone 5


No visible logos. Beautiful colors. Leather feels great. Good price for such a nice case.


Bottom straps make it tough to use the Lightning-to-30-pin adapter with the case on.



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