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I bought VideoCanvas on the basis of this review, and I haven't been disappointed. To tell the truth, though, I haven't found it all that easy to learn. Which is not to challenge your assertion that it's easier to learn than iMovie, mind you.

Through the years I've used a number of video editing programs on my Macs: Adobe Premiere, Avid (whatever), Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Quicktime Player (I still use QT 7.6), and iMovie. Admittedly, I've never even begun to master any of those programs. I'm a 69 year old dilettante suffering from age-induced ADD.

I liked QT Player through v. 7 because it allowed me to do "Quick ’n Dirty" editing, combining, masking etc. without its being a big deal. I liked Final Cut Pro because it allowed me to do much more sophisticated stuff on the occasions when I was willing to invest the time.

Each successive version of iMovie has turned me off more and more. And from what I've read, FCP has become more like iMovie. I've been looking for an affordable program that would combine the best of what I liked about QT Player and earlier versions of FCP, while avoiding what I don't like @ iMovie: freedom to work the way I want rather than the way I'm pushed; easy access to "quick if not slick" editing; power to do more sophisticated stuff when I consider the objective worth the investment of time and experimentation.

The Norrkross program seems to provide what I'm looking for, and I appreciate your making me aware of it. But no pain? Then no gain. The gain will be worth the pain, I'm confident. I haven't read this magazine enough to be sure what the audience is. But I've read enough to suspect that writers acknowledge the pain while emphasizing the gain. (And in this case the bargain price!)

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