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actually you dont need the youyube app at all, inuse the website of youtube on my ipad instead of the app, as i just keep it in the bookmarks bar, and its better because you can turn off hq if internets slow, and you can browse by category.


Steve Paris


That's the part that really confused me: I usually go to the app myself, but I was certain I could watch videos straight from MobileSafari, but for some reason, every time I tried to watch a video, all I got recently was an error and a request to install Flash... so I thought I had just been delusional and claimed that watching videos didn't work without the App.

Your comment made me look again and I now see what happened: if you go to youtube directly, you're sent to the mobile version where everything works as you expect... However, if you then click on the "Desktop" link, you're sent to the version that requires Flash and nothing works.

Also, if someone sends you a link to a video via email and you click on it, it sends you to the Desktop version, where you need Flash to view the clip.

Sadly the experience isn't consistent :(


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