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VUDU Evangelist

I would like to thank you for taking the time to review the VUDU. I would like to correct a few items in your article.

Standard Definition and High Definition content is instantly viewable if your broadband connection provides 4 mbps service. If its less that 4 mbps but 2 mbps or higher then only standard definition content is instantly viewable and you have to wait a bit for HD. HDX requires a waiting period due to the higher bitrate of content. Here are some general guidelines:

SD-Bitrate around 2 mbps watch immediately

HD-Bitrate around 4 mbps watch immediately

HDX-Custom and variable bitrate encoding average wait to watch 2 to 4 hours but you can pre-rent on the VUDU web site or through their iPhone application

On other item you commented on was occasional video problems but you didn't provide any details. As a owner of two VUDUs my family and I watch about 4 movies a week and have only seen one video issue with a movie which VUDU's support gave us a credit for. If you can elaborate on this it would appreciated.

There is one more thing you can do if you are in a bandwidth situation. On the VUDU you can drop the bandwidth usage on the settings page. This will impact instantly viewing options but there is nothing preventing the setting of the bandwidth to instantly view during the time you are using the VUDU and then setting it back lower again when you aren't.

Thanks again, RonV, VUDU Evangelist



Looks like about the same price and features as the apple tv (which I own and like despite its limitations), but without the benefit of iTunes.



Just so you know, "TAGS: VULU" should be "VUDU" (I believe, and on the Mac|Life homepage it says "Your couch is now a viEDo store." Just thought I'd point it out.

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