Western Digital WD TV Live



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Great article Ray. For those who live outside US like me, you can access Netflix, Hulu and similar media stations on your WD TV by using UnoTelly or similar tools.



I'v not been watching TV for six month. I get the information for internet by pc, although the content of internet maybe conveyed via different way to TV. I want DT attract me by DT Live Plus HD Media Player with interesting movies without dvd player, if they cann't why should we pay for it under the situation that you can enjoy every videos you can get in you pc, you know a video converter like ifunia is just $40, by the way, handbrake is even free.



With the unit plugged into your home entertainment center, you can take all the videos, photos, and audio content you’ve got on your Mac and play them back on your television or home stereo. WD TV Live supports HDMI for full 1080p HD output, but you’ll have to buy your own cable for that. (The HDMI cables at your local big-box store are grossly overpriced. Find a local electronics shop or order online to find the same cables for 20 percent of what the big guys are charging.) There’s also a SPDIF optical audio out for users with high-end home theater rigs. The player doesn’t have any storage of its own, but you can plug in nearly any standard USB drive (including flash drives) that contain media.Your Net Biz



I have a WD TV LIVE attached to my V series Sony TV via HDMI. I attached an Apple airport base station as a wireless bridge to an airport extreme. I then attached a Windows home server to the network and downloaded 250 gigabytes of video to the server. The files play seamlessly over the network to the Sony TV. I then downloaded ORB to the home server and to my IMAC and can now play all the video files to my IPHONE. I then purchased a Slingbox and attached an Airport base station. After downloading the IPHONE app I can now watch live TV on the IPHONE or movies via the ORB app.I love how seamlessly Apple allowed my multimedia experience!!



I just bought the TV LIVE and connected it to my 42" Vizio via HDMI. I also put a WD World Book II drive on my network and loaded all my videos and music into the shared folders of the drive. Once I connected the WD Live to my network, it immediately found the NAS drive and connected to it. In no time, I was watching HDTV versions of all the different tv shows and movies I have downloaded. I have as yet to have a network lag or any problems with any shows. The quality is AWESOME. I'm really excited about this addition to my home theatre system. Until now, I connected my computer by a VGA cable to the TV. The quality was okay, but this new system absolutely ROCKS and it was super-simple to connect.

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