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World of Goo is an amazing game (the music is among the best) This game is a brilliant metaphor for humanity with surprisingly relevant messages about resource, industry, development, and progress.

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How can I crank up the resolution on either a 20" Rev.A iMac or a MacBook?



I have really enjoyed this game and I wish I knew about more non-"frag 'em all" games like this, especially with the high quality graphics and smooth game play.I'm playing Goo on a 2007 20" iMac and game play is terrific! I plan to try it on my Dell 600m laptop (Windows XP home) soon and will compare the experiences.Advancing through the levels is fun - the rules change and new features are added, keeping it interesting and making it a little more challenging as you progress.This game is truly inventive. The licensing is good - you get Windows AND Mac versions, and the Linux version when it is completed. Only the Wii version is an extra cost (I'm NOT complaining).I'm sure that I'll play it again - after I've finished it the first time. Highly recommended!

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