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Ive just got my invisible shield, and generally im quite impressed with the quality of it.

So what is it? Well for those that do not know, Invisible Shield (literally invisible armor) is a well known brand of protective film for all kinds of objects. From mobile phones to watches via laptop computers and game consoles like the PSP, you'll find your happiness on their website.

Invisible Shield is produced by ZAGG , it is made from a unique material designed from the ground for the military to protect helicopter blades. Supposed to withstand any kind of treatment of key strokes, scissors etc. ..

Well we will check in the following test.

Received Tuesday morning after all, even a fortnight of waiting, the holy grail of protections for iPhone is finally here. But we will realize very quickly that as the holy grail of perfect protection is not so easy to find ... After opening the package is very comprehensive there are all the necessary accessories inside to make the establishment of the protective film. I used this
zagg discount code to get 20% off too! So anyway, the instructions are in English, even if well understood it is better to take a look at this website to watch the video showing how to properly implement protection. Price Level:



I had no problem applying the front, though the liquid was worrisome. The problem is with customer service. The registration card said I could register at by clicking on the "LIFETIME WARRANTY" link.
There IS NO "LIFETIME WARRANTY" LINK! There's a "Lifetime Guarantee" link, but that doesn't take me to registration. When I search and find a link to take me to registration and after I've filled out the form, it says I must send in the receipt anyway. So I CAN'T register online: I can only START the registration process there. I might as well have sent in the card that came with the product. So the registration card is wrong on two counts, and ZAGG cost me unnecessary time and effort. When I pointed this out, they ignored my comments and got my name wrong. Who is Chris?When I asked a simple question about the dimensions of the iPhone, they ignored that too.

That is what they call "the best customer experience on the web"?



As someone who used a variety of screen shield products on the Palm, the liquid-activated adhesive of the Invisible Shield is like mana from heaven. The ability to wiggle the shield around a little once you have it on is fantastic.

I admit that it is a huge pain in the behind to put them on, but the ability to actually get them on right, and the amazing protection they provide, make them well worth it.



i read a lot of reviews on screen protectors that focus on how easy or well-fit the protector for the back of the ipod is... I'd love to know someone's thoughts on what is the best screen for the FRONT! Which screen creates the least glare/effects the screen least while still transmits touch action. Which screen is most resistant to scratches or the corner peeling up? Which is the easiest to put on?

I can buy any old case to adequately cover the back... the front is what I'm worried about. And there appears to be no clear cut winner.

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