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I went with crashplan as I read carbonate throttles your upload speeds and large backups may never complete.



Go to cnet or any other site to research this software. Note that most web searches for zip cloud reviews will bring up paid reviewed. The software DOES NOT WORK and the company will not close your account or honor their refund policy. It is disappointing that Maclife gives software that doesn't work 3 stars. Do yourself a favor by researching this company and then picking another software.



To any who might be looking at this as an option my experience (and others I have read) leads me to say, "Stay Far Away" Their "service" is a blatant push marketing scheme: you get used to the service then you are sent a notice from their legal department telling you your account will be cancelled unless you switch to a business plan for three times the price. Fortunately I am not at all dependent on them for my backups. So cancelling I will be, Though I also read their refund policy is a rip off. So be warned;



Thanks for the review. I have looked into this company and they seem interesting. Here is another review

Do you think they are worth it with out any of the upgrades? What upgrades in your research are worth the money?

Who / What do you use for your personal service?




I tried ZipCloud, JustCloud & myPCBackup (they're all from the same company). I eventually went with Livedrive that I got at a discount from

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