ZooGue Smart Kase V2 Review

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ZooGue Smart Kase V2 Review

The ZooGue Smart Kase makes watching movies on a plane, train or automobile even easier with the handy Velcro strap, which attaches to the back of a headrest. While the strap itself doesn't get in the way of your daily iPad-in-a-Folio activities, it is sort of odd to carry around a case with so much visible Velcro. Honestly, you might get some looks walking around town with this thing. But, hey, if you need to type something out on your iPad or lay down on a park bench somewhere and watch a movie, the vast number of orientations the Smart Kase is capable of will make you forget all about its cheesy aesthetics.

Smart Kase V2
CONTACT: www.zoogue.com
PRICE: $54.98



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