Zoom Q3HD Handy Video Recorder Review



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I'm not familiar with video and I wonder what precisely means :
"But unlike Zoom’s audio-only recorders, you can’t use an ATTACHED Q3HD AS A LIVE MIC OR CAMERA FOR YOUR MAC" ?

Besides that I wonder if I could do editing with iMovie and Q3HD footage on 1080 resolution ? (I have a 2007 Imac (Leopard) (and plan to switch for a mac mini (Lion))

Moreover I have read somewhere else that 30 fps would be ok but 60 fps mode (= on the 720 resolution ) doesn't work with the Q3HD + Mac ?



Amen! Zack thanks for pointing out what should be the obvious.. For those video camera "youtube" critics comparing the merits of lens quality and chip sensor versus other cams via Youtube in 420 quality mode with poor lighting to do those comparisons. I say that they are idiots most of the time as they break down the "Techie" side of the specs on a cameras but totally forget about audio,software,and most of all convience of use. I am glad you did a review of this camera as I am a big time Bluegrass music lover "Can we say Hardly Strictly bluegrass festival" Amazing no one has made a decent camera like this one as its clear on youtube how many youtubers are music fans and musicians recording their own talent and songs. Yet they try to use the absolute worst conditions and tools to record their audio of their own music videos. Great article. Next Zack I would love for you to dig and find the answers when Imac and Powerbook users are going to get a decent HD webcamera on their computers just like iphones to compete with the facevsion N1so we can at least have the same picture quality as the rest of the iphone users out there or at least the world users?

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