Ringtones Strike Back

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Ringtones Strike Back

Apple's announcement that ringtones would be supported, for a price, by iTunes 7.4 was a nice addition to the iPhone. Too bad it broke Ambrosia's iToner with it's release. Luckly, a MacRumors member discovered an easy method for creating your own ringtones that you could sync up with iTunes. Applegaztte's release iRing, automated the renaming process for you.
Within a few hours Apple released iTunes 7.4.1, which disabled the renaming method for about, oh, 15 min. Both Ambrosia and AppleGazette have updated their software to work with the new iTunes.
Finally, you can get back to putting those Spice Girls ringtones on your iPhone.



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After reading your story I went to download Ambrosia iToner. Fabulous! Easy to install and use, again and again.

Thanks for pointing it out - there's only so much money I want to keep handing out to Apple....

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