Rogers’ Possible iPhone Pricing Strategy, LG’s Dare Smartphone and Java Update for Macs

Rogers’ Possible iPhone Pricing Strategy, LG’s Dare Smartphone and Java Update for Macs


Rogers’ possible iPhone pricing plan: Rogers Communication is under contract to not divulge anything about when or which iPhone will be sold in Canada. But there’s speculation that Apple could insist on an “all-in” voice and data plan to possibly keep Rogers Communication from nickel and diming their customers.


Verizon offers the Dare: The LG Dare smartphone is rumored for release around the same time as the new iPhone. The Dare is similar to the European Prada phone. Expect the Double Dare to be released next year and the following year, the Double Dog Dare.


Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1: Apple released Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1. Mmmm Java.


Calling iPhone developers: RIM is looking for iPhone developers with Mac developing experience. Soon Coke will be looking for Pepsi flavorists and dogs and cats will start living together. Total chaos!


It’s not too late to party like a developer: Apple has extended the registration deadline for WWDC. Now more developers can join the all-night code fest gatherings, instead of enjoying San Francisco.



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It's triple dog dare.

Here's the famous line from A Christmas Story: "I TRIPLE dog dare ya." Not double dog.

But then again, those people at LG aren't that bright. They'd probably use the incorrect double dog form.


Roberto Baldwin

I found the video clip.

Remember kids, never stick your tongue to a frozen pole.





Apple says this is for 64 bit intel only - not PPC or 32 bit intel.

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