Rumor: Apple Wants Developers to Charge For Apps

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Rumor: Apple Wants Developers to Charge For Apps

AppleInsider reports that Apple's development partners, who offer advice and feedback to iPhone SDK program approved developers, are urging the developers to charge for their software.


The development partners aren't insisting that developers get paid for their work. Just that, maybe down the road, it might be a good idea.


Apple is also allegedly allowing developers the option of submitting more than one version of an app. A paid version, and a free "lite" version.


Remember, developers need money just like you and me. Unless Steve starts shooting iPhones into the crowd at WWDC, they have to pay for those things just like us. So it would be nice if they made some money from their hard work.




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J b

I like to pay for any work that it is well done. Expensive is when you pay for the same stuff twice.charged it, but make sure your work is good.

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