Rumor: AT&T Issues Suspicious Internal Memo

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Rumor: AT&T Issues Suspicious Internal Memo



Engadget got its hot little hands on an alleged internal AT&T memo that could point to a possible iPhone release.


The memo asks employees to forgo vacations between June 15 and July 15 because of "an Exciting Summer Promotional Launch." The timeline coincides with rumored iPhone 2.0 launch dates and is similar to a memo sent last year when the original iPhone was launched.


So is it a iPhone launch event, or has iPhone 2.0 speculation mania made us all ultra-sensitive to any scrape of information we can find?



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Steve Smith

Why....... I just bought a new IPHONE!



It's a wonder Apple is selling ANY iPhones right now. My Boss just bought one about a month ago, and I can't wait to walk in with my 3G and do a little rubbing...



WOW! Where have you been?

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