Rumor: Griffin Mold Reveals iPhone Shape

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Rumor: Griffin Mold Reveals iPhone Shape



Chinese site, iDealsChina, has photos of what they report is a Griffin Technology iPhone case mold for the 3G iPhone. The mold is for the silicon Flex GRIP case.


The molds show a slimmer iPhone with rounded edges.


According to the site, the molds are finished and they have begun manufacturing cases.





We have an email out to Griffin about this article, and will update you when we get a response.



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From the looks of it, this mold would "fold" and the two halves shown would allegedly press together? If that is so, then this was a mistake batch; the bottom half would be upside down, and the soundhole (shown in magnification) would cover the Home button on an iPhone.

Unless, of course, Apple intends to change the location of the button, too.



ummm molds are typically made that way

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