Rumor: iPhone Blackout Date Coming to AT&T Stores

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Rumor: iPhone Blackout Date Coming to AT&T Stores



A Mac|Life tipster sent us a story about his recent trip to an AT&T Corporate store in Southern California.


A customer service rep at the store told our tipster that AT&T has a Blackout date for the iPhone in June. Once a blackout date is set, AT&T won't recieve shipments of the device from that date forward.


The CSR added that AT&T was planning on subsidizing the iPhone similar to other mobile devices sold by the mobile carrier.


I'm not sure how much information AT&T shares with its sales staff, but some of the info corresponds with recent rumors of iPhone subsidies and AT&T staff being asked to postpone vacation time.


As with all rumors, we'll just have to wait and see.





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Does that one missing letter really bother you that much? Has it made rendered the post illegible?

Sheesh. You must be the life of every party...




Don't you have spell check???



why so many question marks? your just as bad!



Fixed it for you:

Why so many question marks? You're just as bad!

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