Rumor: iPhone Firmware 2.0 Not Available Until End of June

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Rumor: iPhone Firmware 2.0 Not Available Until End of June

TUAW reports that they received information that contradicts rumors of iPhone firmware 2.0 dropping next week during WWDC.


According to information TUAW obtained, iPhone firmware 2.0 won't be available until the end of June or early July. This means no iTunes App Store next week, no new iPhones next week and if you sold your iPhone recently, your stuck with a sub-par communications device for a few more weeks.



TUAW also states that the above picture of the 3G iPhone from a few weeks back is real.



If they got that information from the same source as the firmware information, we might be able to breath a sigh of relief since this picture smashed any chance of the "leaked" image being real.




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since when do iPod/iPhone skins include the information such as capacity that is on the back of the iPod/iPhone?



True, I agree with the previous post. If that were a case then why does it have the iPhone info on it? Sounds a little fishy to me. It looks cool though but that previous post really shined a sliver of light on me.Maybe? June 9th, June 9th, June 9th. There's no place like Moscone with an iPhone.



of the new and improved disinformation campaign Apple has embarked upon. Instead of slapping sites with lawsuits and confirming their news is real, Apple is releasing conflicting and false information through multiple channels to confuse the rumor sites and build the hype. It's a new tactic and it appears to be working wonderfully.


Roberto Baldwin

Maybe I've watched X-Files too many times, but I think it's in Apple's best interest to begin fooling the masses with fake postings and images.



Check again............

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