Rumor: MMS on the iPhone - Kinda, Not Really

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Rumor: MMS on the iPhone - Kinda, Not Really



iPhone Atlas posted an article reporting that an AT&T minion employee spilled the beans on upcoming MMS support coming to the iPhone. You know, the text messages that include pretty pictures instead of the annoying service AT&T wants you to sign into every time someone sends a MMS message to your iPhone.


We're joining the rest of the internet calling shenanigans on this alleged memo. The image above doesn't really help the case. First, the image has the carrier as T-Mobile and secondly, the app on the iPhone in question is SwirlyMMS. SwirlyMMS adds, you guessed it, MMS support to jailbroken iPhones.


So lets get back to speculating on the more important issues of the day. Like, where's copy and paste, and what time will I have to leave work to get an iPhone. Come on people, priorities.


Via Gizmodo




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that is so fake



Roberto said that it was a jailbroken ipod.



This would kick a..... um it would KICK!

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