Rumors!!! #6: Think Secret Goes Dark

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Rumors!!! #6: Think Secret Goes Dark

Welcome to "Rumors!!!," the weekly Mac|Life show that discusses the past week's rumors and gauges what's real and what's fluff.


Long time Apple rumor site Think Secret goes dark after a long battle legal battle with Apple. Plus, the staff discusses Apple's orphan projects.




Have a rumor or just want to sound off? Call us at (877) 404-1337, extension 622 or drop us an email.


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Even though there won't be any new rumor content on thinksecret, we can still sumon up the glory days of when it did via the Internet Archives Wayback Machine. Its kind of funny to be able to go back in time with weblogs.


jp, your boss's boss

My favorite rumors show so far -- signed, your boss's boss



I visit this site every day and it seems like someone always has to make a comment about the Vaio ads on MacLife.

I visited today and I saw Sony Vaio AND Windows Vista ads.

To all the people who complain, perhaps you would rather PAY to read the content on MacLife and MacWorld? No? THEN STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE ADS!


Planet of the ducks

I think the reason why apple is so afraid of sites leaking their products so other companys can copy them, and what is that song on that sony commercial? plus why are you advertising the "darkside" on your site?



Yea! But I understand the Sony thing.... I make my living on Windows and laugh all the way to the bank at the folks who have to pay me to keep their windows machines working... But what do I use? .... Macintosh of course!
So if they can get SONY and Microsoft to pay advertizing why not? We Mac users know better anyway.... Let the money keep rolling in!

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