Rumors!!! #8: Pre-Expo Rumor Roundup

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Rumors!!! #8: Pre-Expo Rumor Roundup

Welcome to "Rumors!!!," the weekly Mac|Life show that discusses the past week's rumors and gauges what's real and what's fluff.


Robbie and Roman discuss the rumors that have led up to the Mac Expo. Do your predictions match ours? Check out the video and find out.



Have a rumor or just want to sound off? Call us at (877) 404-1337, extension 622 or drop us an email.


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REQUIREMENTS: QuickTime 7.0 or later.



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I really like the folksy podcast. It is a refreshing alternative to the homogenized, McDonald's on every corner crap we are spoon fed by many of the other sites I visit. Keep up the great work!!



What, you people are the cats meow? Couple of guys rambling through some ideas/rumors. They're relaxed, they're not "polished", they're real, they're just talking... and this bothers you on some level?

Go watch some slick produced piece then or some hot chick if that's what you need. My goodness, it is the packaging in this day and age. How shallow.

Personally, I found the CONTENTinteresting enough to watch (you know, CONTENT, what the piece was about - you might have missed it)



These guys suck because they are not video OR picture friendly... they are your average bloggers who should stick to that (please don't be offended).
You should hire a beautiful girl who loves everything mac to talk to us and im sure your podcasts will hit HIGH DIGGS!.

the only reason why i watch the engadget podcasts is because that girl is smokin hot!... a hot chick thats into tech as much as me is the hottest thing ever!



your right about this being total crap but what makes it so sad is that roman is really a smart guy but it really doesn't show here. I don't know the other guy but roman has been around forever and has always been really good but maybe the maclife people don't give him time enough to prepare for these videos.



i can't believe maclife has this inept video on their site. these two guys are so vague, so inarticulate, and so rambling in their discussion, it's of absolutely no value. anyone who reads a single well-informed rumor site per day would have more knowledge that these so-called experts. they are neither credible experts nor interesting/entertaining, and i find it hard to think of any reason you'd want watch something that wasn't either. i was duped. i love you maclife, so i hate to say it, but this this is a real waste of time.

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