Rumors!!! - Episode 4

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Rumors!!! - Episode 4

Welcome to "Rumors!!!," the weekly Mac|Life show that discusses the past week's rumors and gauges what's real and what's fluff.


On this week's show Roman and Eugene discuss the iTablet, iPhone update 1.1.3 and CNBC's Jim Goldman's entry into the shady world of Apple rumors.





Have a rumor or just want to sound off? Call us at (877) 404-1337, extension 622 or drop us an email.


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REQUIREMENTS: QuickTime 7.0 or later.



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Tell us what you are going to talk about so we don't have to listen to a bunch of mumbling, please!! You may have had something good to say but i ain't waiting around to find out. After 20 seconds most of us are outa here.




...ramble on boys...funny as shitake....if i wanted guys who came to the point I'd read consumer reports

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