Safari for Windows Flaw, John Mayer Files Report and The TSA Scans the MacBook Air

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Safari for Windows Flaw, John Mayer Files Report and The TSA Scans the MacBook Air


Safari for Windows flaw: A security researcher has uncovered two flaws in Safari for Windows. One of the flaws could open the users machine to control from a remote location.


The John Mayer Report: Music guy and Steve Jobs' BFF, John Mayer, filed a crash report with Apple that we're sure was taken directly to the desk of his Steveness. Hey, it worked for Rush.


Microsoft eyes the iPhone: Microsoft engineers have been combing over the iPhone SDK looking for new and exciting ways to make big money from the device.


Meanwhile on the iPhone: Mobile Safari's numbers are on the rise.


More Anime iTunes content: Check out the latest offerings from new iTunes content partners, Starz, IFC and Manga. Finally, some "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" action.


TSA screens the MacBook Air: The TSA sent out their greatest blogger, and actor extraordinaire, Bob, to keep the TSA folks up to date on the latest notebook from Apple.


Sony's all-you-can-eat: The all-you-can-eat music service rumors just keep coming. This time Sony BMG is allegedly considering opening the musical floodgates.


iPod reset utility updated: If your iPod has been giving you problems. Staying out past curfew, never doing its chores and just generally being a pain. Try the new iPod reset utility.



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Scott Brookes

That John Mayer thing is figgen hilarious.....

I would like to see fake steve jobs write one saying Steve Job's Here... I was in Photoshop this weekend and in the process of putting a mustache on BIll Gates Face my program quit. I was forces to use MS Paint in boot camp.... "I Like MS Paint" guys get to work on this!
Steve Jobs...

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