Safari Hits 3.1, iPhone Exploit and Mac Market Grows

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Safari Hits 3.1, iPhone Exploit and Mac Market Grows


Safari Super Fast: Apple released what it calls "the worlds fastest web browser for Mac and Windows PCs," today. Safari 3.1 is available from Software Update now.


Charlie Rose, our personal hero: Late-night talk show host, Charlie Rose, appeared Monday night with a shiner and bandage over his left eye. Mr. Rose tripped in a pothole while walking down the street carrying his shiny new MacBook Air. When faced with the choice of a bruised face or a smashed notebook, Mr. Rose made, what we believe to be, the correct decision. Charlie Rose, we salute you.


TiVo teases Mac users: TiVo released an update to its Tivo Desktop software this morning that pulls podcasts from iTunes and RSS feeds. The catch, it's Windows only for now. The Mac version is in development with Roxio.


Apple Set to Fail: Hey, remember the 80's when Apple was riding high and then totally blew it? Business Week expects history to repeat itself. This time they expect hackers to target the Mac in droves. Isn't this a story that repeats itself?


Safari iPhone exploit: Refined Safari exploit will lock up your iPhone or iPod touch and crash Safari on computers. They even have a link in case you feel like crashing your device.


iTunes strike credits: Customers who signed up for an iTunes Season Pass were sent letters of apology this morning. Season Pass holders with shows that were put on hiatus by the WGA strike received two video credits and promises to receive all remaining episodes of the shows in question in the 2007/2008 season. If the show fails to meet its original episode count, customers will receive a partial refund to make up the difference.


Macs garner 14%: Research firm, NPD Group, states that Macs made up 14% of PC sales in February. That's a 60% unit growth over last year. Celebrate by buying a new Mac.


SSD notebooks failing: An unnamed PC manufacturer is seeing returns of up to 30% of SSD systems. Have you, or anyone you know, had problems with a SSD MacBook Air? If so, tell us below.


Analyst fails to recognize cool factor: Will the iPhone's support of ActiveSync give it a larger share of the smartphone market? Analysts can't seem to agree. We're going to go out on a limb and say yes. We're bold that way.


Apple fans hate reporters: Another article about rabid Mac fans defending the company to the death. Prepare for a flame war.




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This is all very well, but I just wish Safari would be aviable as a standalone installer to us, mac users...and not just f.... windows users. I expect a little more respect for those who spend their money buying mac machines than being directed to a windows only download.




Safari comes built into a mac. So there is no reason to download it if you have a mac. If you deleted it somehow then take it to a genius bar. Or if that is inconvenient then call apple up and see what they can tell over the phone. I'm sure Apple would be more then happy to help you.



I was talking of the new 3.1 version, of course. It seems to be aviable only via software update, which is impossible to me, being on modem connection at home. I usually download on hi speed at the office, and prefer to keep the standalone installer.


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