Sandlot Games Bakes Up New Mac Games: A CGA Casual Connect Special Report

Sandlot Games Bakes Up New Mac Games: A CGA Casual Connect Special Report

For a warm slice of scrumptious casual gaming fare, there’s no other place to go than the home of Cake Mania, Sandlot Games. We spoke with CEO Daniel Bernstein recently regarding Sandlot Games' recent announcements about bringing their games over to the Mac.


Cake Mania will soon be available on the Mac.


Last May, Sandlot Games announced that they would port over a majority of their best-selling titles to the Mac, starting with Tradewind Legends, which is available now on Sandlot Games' web site. However, Tradewind Legends is still the only game available for the Mac. Bernstein said that Sandlot still plans to port most of their best-selling titles and that the next game planned is the original Cake Mania.


Also in the works is a Tradewinds massive multiplayer online game, scheduled to be released in 2008, and Cake Mania 2, announced this week. Cake Mania 2 will have non-linear story-line and gameplay, including the opportunity for Jill to get married and even go into space. Players have the ability to customize kitchens as in the original game, but in Cake Mania 2 you can also go online and use microtransactions to do so. The online microtransaction feature of the game will only be available several months after the game's initial release.


Finally, Sandlot Games announced that a video short of Jill, the main character of Cake Mania, will be made available on the site in August to kickoff the launch of Cake Mania 2.


D. Omaha Sternberg is the producer and host of the iGame Radio podcast.




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God, more crappy mac games. Seriously I'm amazed these games even exist at all. I mean if you would want to play something casual like this on your Mac, why not just dowload an emulator and play bust-a-move (ARC emulator) or even an Indy title?

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