Say Hello to the Software Vault!

Say Hello to the Software Vault!


Our Software Vault, formerly available only to readers of Mac|Life, the magazine, is now available to all visitors to - just click on the Software Vault graphic on our front page (or the image above) to jump directly to it.


Inside the vault is a comprehensive collection of applications, demos, shareware, freeware, donationware, and more, all arranged in eight categories:


Audio and Music


Fun and Games

Graphics and Multimedia


Internet and Communication



Each collection is headed by a full list of all the items in that category. New and updated items are listed at the top of each category page - check back often to discover the latest additions.


Why have we decided to make the Software Vault available to all of our visitors, and not just readers of Mac|Life? Simple. As Steward Brand is reported to have said, "Information wants to be free!"






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Thanks for uploading this, it gave me something to read on my lunch break.
Buy Software


Peter Kelly

Just to respond to the comment about subscription extensions, all MacAddict subscribers who had paid for the CD version had their subscriptions extended at the time of the changeover. The extension was based on the number of issues left and the difference in the pricing between MacAddict and MacLife, and was explained in a subscriber letter that was included with the February issue.

We've also put in place a program to extend the terms of subscriptions that came in at MacAddict prices after the extension was put in place.

As for the Vault, it was not considered or promoted as being part of the subscription price for MacLife.



Well the thing I miss the most on both the last cd's and the vault is the staffvideos. Will you make any new ones?

Function and form:

First: Its my opinion that the "Downloads"-button in the toolbar should lead to this adress:, instead of this one:

Second: While navigating the vault it would be nice to be able to get back to the menu ( and choose another section without having to backpedal using the "<" button in Safari.



What fun! I don't use Digg but I clipped this for :) I haven't read MacLife in years (or MacAddict as it used to be called) but I visit this website regularly to keep up with editor columns and the usual news.

I agree with Guy about adding info on whether the software's free or pay-for, and if it's a demo or without restrictions. That helps a lot, especially in these open source times.

Thanxies for this resource!


Guy Steele

Now that you have allowed the public access to the 'fun' stuf without buying your mag are you going to extend our subscriptions for those who actually paid the Mac Addict prices before the change over?

The 2nd item is: Please add shareware, freeware or demo to your title listing instead of just on the page if you click the item.

Thanks and congrats on your nice clean easy to read and navigate site.

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