Screen Saver is Watching You

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Screen Saver is Watching You

If you miss your job as a security officer at the local mall, we've found the screen saver for you.


We're watching you, who ever you are.


Using over 600 network surveillance cameras worldwide, Michael Zoellner has created a live feed screen saver. The eerily hypnotic images will keep you focused on the going's on of hundreds of live feeds. That is, until you see yourself.


While it worked on my machine, Peeping Toms should use caution when using the software, it's still in alpha.





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Michael Long

..but flawed. I know it's alpha but on my 24" iMac it shows the feed for about two seconds, blanks the screen, shows the feed again, blanks the screen. Makes trying to see the image and any details in the scene irritating.


Philip Baker

This could be the most hypnotic screen saver in history. Unfortunately, the Alpha version has bugs when paired with my Mac Book running Leopard. An image from somewhere around the world appears just long enough to make you want to see the details, only to go blank after a second or two. The effect is to tease you into wanting more.

Wait until the bugs are worked out on this screen saver and save yourself some frustration.

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