SDK Coming March 6, iPhone in Ireland, 3G in 2008, and More

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SDK Coming March 6, iPhone in Ireland, 3G in 2008, and More


All roads lead to awesome: Apple's having a media event next Thursday March 6 at the Town Hall on its Cupertino campus. There the company will reveal its plans for the iPhone and iPod touch SDK, as well as "some exciting new enterprise features," which many take to mean the iPhone is getting support for Microsoft Exchange.


What's Tim cooking? Although he didn't give away much in advance of the March 6 event, Apple COO Timothy Cook spoke at yesterday's Goldman Sachs Investment Symposium, touching on unlocked iPhones, the SDK, and the Mac and iPod markets. You can see a QuickTime stream of his remarks at


Irish iPhones are smiling: O2 is bringing the iPhone to Ireland beginning March 14, although without the visual voicemail feature.


iPhone U: Apple is courting the academic sector with its iPhone University push, touting the platform's educational possibilities. One of the schools Apple invited to California for the demonstration, Abilene Christian University in Texas, will provide an iPhone or iPod touch to all incoming freshman.

3G by midyear? An analyst with UBS bank reports that German chip manufacturer Infineon is providing Apple with the technology needed for a 3G iPhone, which the analyst predicts "will be released by midyear."


And in non-iPhone phone news: Google's Android OS is still in alpha stage, but already supports Street View for Google Maps. Check out a video.

PayPal says to steer clear of Safari: PayPal's chief information security officer recommends AGAINST using PayPal with Safari, because the browser lacks two specific antiphishing features. PayPal recommends Firefox 2 or later, and Opera.


More flying, more researching: A Morgan Stanley analyst reports that Apple is spending big on travel and R&D lately—could this mean additional iPhone deals on the horizon? A new round of fabulous products? Well, it's Apple, so we'll have to wait and see. Until then...look, a bass made of LEGOs!



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when are you going to have an RSS feed to your news. i LOVE your news and it would be nice to get an RSS feed from it...PLEASE?!?!


Susie Ochs

We do have an RSS feed for the News category on our site.


To find's RSS feeds, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the RSS Feeds link. Hope that helps!



What is going on!! After months of waiting for the Iphone we finally get !! Yes... oh Wait.. it is OverPriced and We get 1Gb Download limit (Not Unlimited) ...What is going on!! No Visual Voicemail? Next they will say "By the way it doesn't make call when standing on both legs and music can only be listened to on your head!!! What a waste.. Corporate Greedy pigs sucking the life out of irish markets again!!! I won't be buying!! A HUGE disappoint after that long wait :(


imagine engine

My hope is that Apple releases another iPhone which supports HSPA, video calling and 802.11n WIFI. I travel frequently and enjoy HSPA on my Macbook Pro. Having the same ability in my iPhone would be a pleasure to use, enhancing an already great all-in-one data device. Throw in a 5 MP camera with L.E.D. flash and video recording with podcasting and I'll be ecstatic :)



Somebody tell me where I can get a T-shirt that says:

"Kiss me, I'm iRish" :)



The pay-pal article only really recommends using ie7. Since EV cert. support is only built in to ie7 at this time. Since ie7 is only a window os browser they are saying get a windows p.c.. Some day opera and firefox may support this feature, but so may safari.
This is a case of another company developing for Microsoft windows and browser and finding their product limited to Microsoft's whim, and when Microsoft decides to take them over/out they will have no options. I wonder how much of pay-pal is already owned by Microsoft?



Paypal isn't owned by Microsoft.

Paypal is fully owned by eBay.



Yeah can you say paypal bribe? lol



Firefox 2 doesn't turn the address bar green for Extended Validation certs either, unless you have an add-on from VeriSign installed. The feature will be built-in to Firefox 3.

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