SDK for iPhone and iPod touch Coming Soon, Discounts on Leopard and iTunes Plus

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SDK for iPhone and iPod touch Coming Soon, Discounts on Leopard and iTunes Plus


Apple reversed its position today, with a note from Steve Jobs stating that the company DOES want native third-party apps on the iPhone, and that it plans to release a software development kit by February 2008. And since the iPhone and iPod touch have the same underlying code, the SDK will work for both devices -- yay, we might get our phone-less iPhone after all! In other iPhone news, Orange will sell unlocked iPhones in France, legally.

Leopard countdown: Nine days to go! Amazon is selling Leopard for $109, a $20 discount. The Family Pack is $10 off at $189. Here's more about what computers Leopard will work with. And if you prefer to pick up your copy at a brick-and-mortar store, the first 500 visitors to each Apple Store after Leopard launches (6 p.m., October 26) will get a free Leopard T-shirt.


iTunes Plus: Yesterday's speculation that Apple would drop the price of its DRM-free iTunes Plus tracks from $1.29 to 99 cents has been confirmed. And with the addition of some independent labels, there are now 2 million DRM-free MP3 songs available. Although so far the iTunes Plus price cut doesn't seem to apply to the Upgrade My Library option, which lets you replace your purchased FairPlay-encoded songs with DRM-free ones.


Also, DigiTimes is reporting rumors of a new MacBook in January. And this wireless "glove remote" can control an iPod via finger touches. Wow, that's even cooler than the Power Glove.



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So Apple loses a few hackers and all the fanboys that think Apple EVER REALLY gave a crap about them personally. Big deal. Anyone seen Apple stock lately? I'm laughing.


Jorge Lucas



1. Apple is releasing a "legally" unlocked iPhone for sale in France.
2. Steve can not make a separate deal with every country that Apple consider potentially interesting because it would take too much time and the people willing to buy an iPhone could be tired of waiting.
3. Steve said that about the hacking of the iPhone is a Cat and Mouse Game, but Apple does not know its role in that game.
4. There are a lot of actions about the whole deal with the carriers and the bricking software updates.
5. Apple is getting his loyal users against it; it is losing customers.

Why not sell the unlocked iPhone for The Rest Of The World?
I mean Africa, Asia and South America.

I simply can not understand why Apple insist in this kind of marriage deal. I do not ignore that Apple is looking for the carriers' revenue, but I think that does not pay what it can lose.

Jorge Lucas (from Rio Grande do Sul)


The Laughing Man

I've been debating over the future of my "portable communications device" for some time now. Currently the Sidekick LX is more in favor with me. I want an iPhone but as with computers it must have IM support. That means Windows Live Messenger (or equivalent), Yahoo! Messenger (from Yahoo), and AIM (from AOL). Eventually to include iChat. That's been the major issue stopping me from jumping from T-Mobile over to AT&T. I don't like AT&T much but it's worth an iPhone.

I'll have to wait and see if those messengers land on the iPhone. In the mean time I'm going to get a Sidekick LX or a Sidekick 3.

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