SDK Late for an Important Date, Recycle that iPhone and Happy Birthday Steve

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SDK Late for an Important Date, Recycle that iPhone and Happy Birthday Steve


SDK Late: Say it isn't so. BusinessWeek is reporting that the iPhone SDK is going to be late. The unnamed source believes the SDK will be anywhere from one to three weeks late.


Jon Stewart iPhone: During the annual, Hollywood patting itself on the back television program, Jon Stewart busted out an iPhone and watched one of the greatest films ever made. No, it wasn't "Soul Plane."


iPhone recycling: Apple has introduced a mobile phone recycling program to reduce electronic waste. No more tossing your iPhone into the local tire fire.


Hymm Squelched: The Hymm Project has been served with a cease-desist order stemming from their software that strips the FairPlay DRM from iTunes Store purchased music.


Steve's Birthday: Yesterday was Steve's birthday. Funny, we never got our invite to his birthday party. It must have gotten lost in the mail. Yeah, that's it.


T-Mobile better than O2: T3 Blogger, Hjae Jan Kamps, wonders why his iPhone worked better when it was unlocked on the T-Mobile network than it does now on O2's network.


Blu-ray's days are numbered: Is Blu-ray's recent victory in the next-generation DVD wars to be short-lived? Some believe downloadable content will quickly dominate the media wars. Try getting your grandmother to sign onto iTunes to download "It Happened One Night," then report back.




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