SDK Roadmap Event Impressions

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SDK Roadmap Event Impressions

The event has come and gone. We finally have push email with Entourage support. Games are coming, including, possibly, Spore. Doctors and Salesforce users should be pretty psyched.


What's there not to like about the iPhone SDK?


Well, it won't be ready until June. Developers should have the beta SDK in their paws by the end of the day. Still no copy and paste mentioned. iPod touch users are still getting taken to the update tax cleaners and no word on when a 3G iPhone will be available.


Tell us your thoughts on today’s event and vote.




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i agree about the IMPORTANCE of cut/copy & paste function
also to add to that landscape keyboard for all keyboard function apps and a smart search as you dial phone function where we just type name for phone call like email


Pablo Pitty

Steve Jobs did it again... an amazing Special but... it contained bad news for iPod touch owners... SDK and Enterprise Software not for free???...I believe he will release a free 2.0 for the iPod touch without the SDK and Enterprise...Just like it happened with 1.1.3 and the January Software Update... I know the iPod touch is not an iPhone but, it is not only an iPod, it's a PDA...
I believe that we, iPod touch owners, should have the same opportunities as the iPhone owners...
-If you care, be fair... Peace...



...but I'm used to it now.

I was overall happy with the announcements. I wasn't really pissed off about the fact that I'll have to pay for my iPod touch to upgrade, once again. It is a bit disheartening knowing that this is the future relationship of Apple and it's iPod touch users. But at least they're ditching the ways of the older iPods, and offering software upgrades.



Apple hit the nail on the head. Today's event proves that they have been listening to users and developers. It's a great day to buy an iPhone!



I have a sneaking suspicion June will also be iPhone 2.0, not just software 2.0.

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