Season's Greetings, Gettings & Givings

Season's Greetings, Gettings & Givings

No more frosted faces or smiles stuck on “how nice.” No more regifting, exchanging, or Goodwill-ing stuff that missed the mark. This holiday season, all that you want will soon be here: the gewgaws, the tchotchkes, the doodads, and the thing-a-ma-bobs. The bags, the boomboxes, camcorders, and flaming logs. The mice, the cans, and the bling. Oh, you know - just about everything. Forthwith: Mac|Life’s greatest guide for gifts. Ever.


Want to take this gift guide with you to the store? Print it out with this handy PDF or upload it on to your iPod or iPhone with the files contained within this essential ZIP archive.


To: Mom, Dad or Aunt Edna

Your relatives want to make fun scrapbooks, online photo albums, and family videos to share with everyone in their worlds. Here’s some good stuff to keep those creative juices flowing.


Belkin Washable Mouse ($29.99) - Your sister will thank you again when she can quickly wash your 2-year-old nephew’s germs off the family’s shared mouse.


Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition ($99.99 to $149.99) - Every video, photo, and music enthusiast needs the gift of hard-drive storage, and 80GB to 160GB should do the trick.


Targus Soundup ($39.99) - Stick this sound-enhancer between Dad’s earphones and his iPod to stop his infernal complaining about his digital copy of Quadrophenia sounding too cold and sterile.


Pure Digital Flip Video Ultra Camcorder ($149.99 and $179.99) - Make this slim device the first present opened during the holidays so it can capture all of your other perfect gift picks. It records 640-by-480-pixel resolution video, ready for the Web or iMovie.


Software Mackiev The Print Shop For Mac 2 ($69.95 and $89.95) - Mom loves to send out that end-of-year family newsletter, and now she can fancy it up with this fun-to-use, jack-of-all-trades software.






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