Security Update for New iMacs, Free iMovie HD 6, iWork Vs. MS Office Heats Up, and More

Security Update for New iMacs, Free iMovie HD 6, iWork Vs. MS Office Heats Up, and More

iMac Software Update 1.0: Apple new iMacs, which debuted last Tuesday, already has a security patch available from Apple's Web site or through Software Update. Apple doesn't say what the patch fixes.


Mac Pro SMC Firmware Update 1.1: If you have a Mac Pro, you should know that that a firmware update is available. According to Apple, the update adjusts the fan behavior in the Mac Pro.


Boot Camp 1.4 beta: Apple released a new version of the Boot Camp beta. The update has upport for MacBook Pro keyboard backlighting, Apple Remote pairing, updated graphics drivers, and more.


Download iMovie HD 6: Apple has made iMovie HD 6 available for free, in case you rather use the old version instead of the new version. It's a 155MB download.


iWork vs. Office: A BusinessWeek article reveals that Microsoft Office has a Mac market share of 97 percent, which could be one of the reasons why Apple wants to take on Office for the Mac. It might be a good time to take on Office, since it won't be available until next year, and Mac users are sick of the second-class treatment from Microsoft.


Blame the iPhone: In a perfect example avoiding personal responsibility for your actions (or perhaps it's just a ploy to drive Web traffic), one guy blames his iPhone for causing a treadmill accident. Unfortunately, the Flickr account that had pictures of the accident have been removed. We won't be surprised he makes like SP Technologies and sues Apple.



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Today I was all excited as my new iLife 08 arrived at my front door, but then came the disappointment when at the beginning of the installation a message pops up stating that ‘iMovie 08 can not be install on this computer’. What? What do you mean it can’t be installed on my computer? Errrrrr!!! In accordance with the system requirement in order for iMovie 08 to work it requires a Power Mac G5 dual 2.0GHz or faster…SH!@#!! I wonder how many people read the system requirements before purchasing iLife 08? My Mac is a PowerBook G4 1.25GHz. I read all the “Learn more” and saw the preview presentation except I did not read the system requirements. Damn, GOT ME! System requirements should be in BOLD letters (if possible with all the bells, horns, and whistles warnings) and at the beginning of any new products. Such step should not be last. I really liked all the new added applications to iLife 08, and especially in iMovie 08. It’s because iMovie 08 I bought the new iLife 08. I like the fact that Apple’s computer engineers expanded the format support for camcorders and DV, HDV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and AVCHD. I actually would like to see these supports for HD iMovie 06. And as for system requirements, I’ll make sure I read that step first when purchasing any new Apple software.

I have one more thing to say before I close, Mr. Steve Jobs, please, pretty please hook us up with an upgrade (at least the Camcord expanded format support) for those of us who have HD iMovie 06 on PowerBooks or any G4’s, thank you.



Why even bother asking for an upgrade to iLife or iMovie 6 HD? The G4 is long finished and gone with. If you were still running a G5, I could maybe understand.
But there will be no way Apple creates an update for a computer long past its prime.
Time to upgrade my friend. If you take your editing seriously (not that iMovie editors are high-end producers or directors) and like the quality you offer, spend a few dollars and get a new, modern machine.
Specially if you arent going to read the system requirements before buying software. That will save you the hassle. For a few years at least.



Remember that some 1.5 and 1.67 G4s Powerbooks are under two years old. These are machines that cost upwards of $2700 for the 17". I would not describe a machine like that as long gone!! At the least Apple should state that G4s are not eligible clearly on the box. I wonder though, if the user above ran into memory requirement issues instead of processor speed issues? A good G4 with plenty on memory should still be able to handle iLife 08.



Steve Jobs stated that Numbers will be able to import and export "nearly all" Excel files. Well, if Numbers can’t handle algebraic equations, logarithms, exponents, and simple statistics I give Numbers a big fat ZERO for functionality and usefulness.



Shouldn't the phrase, "Apple new iMacs, which debuted last Tuesday" be "Apple new iMacs, which debuted Tuesday" instead?

The past tense of debuted combined with Tuesday lets the reader know exactly which Tuesday you mean. By saying "last Tuesday" it sounds like you mean the Tuesday from last week instead of 2 days ago.

Sorry, that is just a pet peeve of mine :-)

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