SeeThru and Canvas Sport

SeeThru and Canvas Sport


High style (above) or hi-tops (below) - your call.


The SeeThru is a hard plastic - and yep, see-through - case that comes in two parts for the top and bottom halves of your MacBook or 15-inch MacBook Pro. It's easy to put on (as long as all five plastic hooks along the 'Book's hinge are secured correctly), and though it was a little tough to remove at first, it gets easier with practice. (The trick: Free the plastic tabs from one corner at a time.) Once it's on, you won't notice the case at all, as it leaves the ports uncovered and all but disappears from sight when your 'Book is open. The bottom is vented to dissipate heat and sports rubber feet. It adds a heavier-than-expected 13.9 ounces but barely any bulk - our SeeThru-ed MacBook Pro still fit in every sleeve and bag we put it in, including Speck Products' Canvas Sport, a canvas-and-rubber, soft-lined sleeve that invokes the style of a Converse All-Star sneaker.


The Canvas Sport comes in black or cotton-candy pink, and has a sturdy feel and a snap closure. It's meant for transporting just the 'Book (probably inside another bag since it lacks a handle) - you can't use the 'Book while it's in the Canvas Sport. There's no pocket for the power brick, either.


The bottom line. Unless you need port covers or added padding, the SeeThru is an attractive - and relatively pricey - option. The Canvas Sport is a handy sleeve that Chuck Taylor fans will dig.


COMPANY: Speck Products
PRICE: $49.95
REQUIREMENTS: MacBook or 15-inch MacBook Pro
Protective hard case. Doesn't interfere with function. Adds shine and color. Comes in red or clear.
Pricey. No shock protection or covered ports if used alone.




Canvas Sport
COMPANY: Speck Products
PRICE: $39.95
REQUIREMENTS: MacBook or 15-inch MacBook Pro
Turns heads. Protects with soft lining and rugged rubber corners. Comes in two colors.
'Book must be removed from the sleeve to be used. No handle.





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