Sending Bulk Emails the Non-spammy Way

Sending Bulk Emails the Non-spammy Way

Emma goes one step further than many email marketing sites, by custom-designing an email template—like this one—that matches your company’s website and style.


We are hosting an event at our office next month and are inviting 500 people. How can I use Apple Mail to send out 500 emails and make sure that they won’t be marked as spam? Also, how can I see if a particular recipient has opened an email?


There’s no guarantee that your email messages won’t be marked as spam on the recipient’s end, because you never know what sort of spam filters are in place. And if you’re sending a large number of messages from your email account, your own ISP may mark your messages as spam before they even get to their final destination.


To further compound your dilemma, there’s no way to reliably track what happens to your email after it’s sent—without going through the hassle of embedding a different server-side image into each one of your messages and checking your server logs to see which images have been viewed. And even then, many email programs block server-side images unless the recipient specifically chooses to view them.


Instead of trying to do all of this yourself, your best bet is to use one of the many reputable email marketing companies on the Internet, such as Constant Contact ( or Emma ( These companies have developed relationships with major ISPs to help ensure that their messages are not marked as spam at the server, and they stay up-to-date on antispam legislation and regulations to make sure that your email messages comply. They can also help you track whether your recipients have read your emails or forwarded them onto others by managing server-side images for you. And best of all, they’ll help you create professional-looking templates so that your emails have maximum impact when they’re viewed.




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