Shake 4.1

Shake 4.1


BONUS TIP: Get Your Shake On

Shake isn't the type of application you buy and dive right into, thinking you'll just figure things out. You'll need some assistance. Here are some Shake guides that we like.


- Gnomon Workshop Shake Bundle

The ultimate path to Shake enlightenment, the Bundle delivers over 18 hours of high-quality Shake training on DVD. You can also buy the individual DVDs within the Bundle separately.


- Peachpit Press Apple Pro Training Series: Shake 4
This book teaches Shake through clear, step-by-step lessons and DVD project files. Once you get comfortable, Peachpit also publishes the Shake 4 Quick-Reference Guide ($24.99), which acts as a map to nearly every imaginable feature.


- Tutorials
A handful of free tutorials, presented via Web videos, focus on specific Shake tasks such as stabilizing a shaky camera shot or morphing. Search the Cow's tutorial library to find your options.



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