Shareholders Sue

Shareholders Sue


While we don't think Apple's Stock option probe will overshadow next week's Mac Expo, people will certainly talk about it on the show floor, especially now that shareholders have filed suit against Apple. Maybe there will be talk of the month of Apple bugs (the second bug was revealed yesterday). We're sure Steve Jobs at Expo will brag about how iPods accounted for 57.3 percent of MP3 players sold during the holidays (the Zune accounted for 2.8 percent, for your information). We wonder how many of those iPod sold were to a particular, iPod-obessed Canadian. If Apple does finally release a phone, there's a study out that says that an Apple phone has huge potential. We're not sure of the potential of Intertainer's lawsuit against Apple, Google, and Napster, especially since the company shut down four years ago, before Apple and Google started online video distribution. In other news: Bill Gates says robotics is the next big thing. The Alky Project hopes to bring Windows games to the Mac. And finally, we're making plans to visit Dubai, to see the iPad and the Hydropolis underwater hotel.



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