Sharing an Internet Connection

Sharing an Internet Connection

If you’re using Leopard, here’s the screen that lets others mooch off your Internet connection.


Let’s say you really need an Internet connection, and the nice-looking fellow Mac user next to you is happily surfing the Web and sending email. Appear desperate, but not psycho, and he or she just may let you piggyback on the connection. Ask them if you can share their connection over AirPort.


If they’re game, have them go to System Preferences > Sharing and check the box for Internet Sharing. (On Macs running Tiger, you’d go to System Preferences > Sharing, select the Internet tab, and click the Start button to turn on Internet sharing.) Don’t forget to return the favor for another poor Mac user somewhere down the line.




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This article is totally worthless.



This website attempts to answer the age old question of whether cross browser UI needs to be identical. Though, I question their methodology for answering the question, I applaud the effort.



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