Shock and Awe, Apple Takes a Bite Out of Microsoft and iPod Knockoff

Shock and Awe, Apple Takes a Bite Out of Microsoft and iPod Knockoff



Shock and Awe: The Department of Defense may not be happy with the purchase of P.A. Semi Inc. by Apple. Apparently defense contractors love the low energy consumption and high performance chips manufactured by P.A. Semi. Apple might want to watch its flank.


Apple takes a bite out of MS: ZDNet states that there is anecdotal evidence that MS underperformed because Apple is taking market shares by winning the cool factor. It’s just that Microsoft can’t admit it.


iPod knock-off: Cheap, and we mean gulag cheap, manufacturing of a .99 cent iPod radio, it even comes with earbuds.


Boot Camp: For Mac users who must work in a divided house, Apple’s Boot Camp for Windows XP and Vista has been updated.


More 3G iPhone rumors: Another analyst makes his predictions regarding new Apple product announcements for the Worldwide Developers Conference. June 9th is the new target date for an announcement. Wait a second, that's the same day we expect Steve Jobs to give his keynote. Coincidence?




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I really don't know what the boot camp update does for xp other than enable boot camp for sp3. All the issues i've had w/running xp on my macbook still exist (lack of a fn key, various keyboard layout nightmares, etc)



.99 cents! That's a price so low, there's not even a unit of currency in which I can pay it! I'd need to get money back from my penny!



Yes there is.... use the Aussie Dollar (0.93 US)
better known as the Pacific Peso

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