Show Me the Gmail

Show Me the Gmail

Set your default email reader to Google Notifier, and then clicking email links will launch Gmail in your default browser.


I use Gmail for my email, and I want to use their Web interface to compose new messages. However, whenever I try to send a link from Safari, Mail always launches instead. I have to manually copy and paste the link into Gmail’s website.


Although you can configure Mail to work with your Gmail account via POP or IMAP, you can still make Gmail’s Web interface your default mailing solution.The trick is to install Google Notifier for Mac (free,, which gives you notifications, message previews, and shortcuts right in your menubar. After you’ve installed Google Notifier, launch Mail, go to Mail > Preferences, and click the General button. Where it says Default Email Reader, choose Google Notifier. From that point forward, the Gmail website will automatically launch whenever you click mail-to links in Safari or click people’s email addresses.




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