The Sims DJ

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The Sims DJ

Stereotypical, shallow DJs have more depth than this iPod game.


Imagine you’re spinning turntables in the hottest nightclub in the city, keeping the party rocking until the fire marshal shuts you down. The role of the fire marshal will be played by The Sims DJ. This iPod game is spun around the winning idea of a DJ simulator, but the result is just a repetitive series of mini-games wrapped around boring rules.




The game’s biggest hook lets you customize your character’s look and music library. Spend the payment from a successful DJ gig at the mall, shopping through about a dozen hats and outfits. Virtual music store, Spore Records, uses in-game currency to buy tracks from your iPod library. And while we had much more fun playing our own songs, versus Simlish babbling tunes, neither the clothing nor music have any effect on those sessions.


Instead, nearly each gig plays out with the same mini-games in the same order. Pick the genre of song to match the crowd’s desire. Tap the center button at the right time for the perfect mix. And use a strobe light, disco ball, or free drinks to keep the crowd excited. You’ll occasionally have to change music genres to satisfy other people in the crowd, but DJ skills don’t matter. Sometimes, the touch-wheel can scratch records, but those moments are fleeting, clumsy, and out of place with the rest of the game.


The bottom line: Other iPod games do a better job integrating your music library. Only The Sims club kids should pay this cover charge.


COMPANY: Electronic Arts


PRICE: $4.99

DJ-and-nightclub simulator is a fun idea. Can use your own songs in the game.

Repetitive game mechanics loop every few minutes. Gameplay has little to do with nightclubs. Outfits and iPod songs don’t affect game results.





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