Since Kai's Power Show never made it over to Mac OS X from Mac OS 9, what's the next best thing for slideshows?

Since Kai's Power Show never made it over to Mac OS X from Mac OS 9, what's the next best thing for slideshows?

Keynote is probably overkill for slideshows featuring a lesser beast than the divine Princess Cupcake.


These days, the cool kids make do with iPhoto and Mac OS 10.4's built-in slideshow abilities. But if you want to kick your slideshows up to 11, try Boinx's FotoMagico ($79, For the same price, Apple's Keynote presentation software ($79 with iWork '06, can give your slideshows the kind of flair you might be familiar with if you've watched the QuickTime replay of a Steve Jobs keynote address.




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Talasoft Suport

You might also take a look at the slideshows created by TalaPhoto. They include most of the features mentioned from Kai's Power Show. Easily place music with a set of images, high quality QuickTime output, runs on OSX, Windows and even MacOS 9.

Talaphoto is used by pro photographers and is recommended by Kevin Kubota in his book Digital Photography Bootcamp for Professionals.


Dorothy & Toto

I am starting to get the impression that Kai's Power show which I bought years ago for my Studio is NO longer around? Especially for the new Mac OS systems ? My protoge' called me last night and I could not think of the name right off, after hours of searching and going out of my mind I find it, or I should say found the name and older copies. And now I can not find anything comparable. It was easy, well adapted to ANYONE, especially me. I may be a Nationally known Professional photographer, but I usually let other in my business do this stuff, but since downsizing to just Me again I have to do all this stuff. It was nice with a workforce of 9 employees they did all the stuff I disliked doing, like working.....:) It always falls back on the owners shoulders....aagghhhhh! I can make more and do more and be more flexible with 1....! That is if I can find some copies of Kai's Power Show. They always take the GOOD stuff of for something NEW, which usually translates into COMPLEX AND OVER STUFFED WITH JUNK!!!!!!
Back to the YELLOW Brick Road for my I guess........



I love Keynote, but I wish the smart guys at Apple would boot up an old powermac and have a look at Kai's PowerShow when they are looking for new features for Keynote! Audio that fades out when the slide show ends, the ability to start music on slide "X" and finish on slide "y", not to mention the cross platform compatability!.

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