Skullcandy iPhone FMJ

Skullcandy iPhone FMJ

Yar, we be listening to the beats, matey.


Skullcandy’s iPhone FMJ noise-canceling earbuds are a great replacement for your ill-fitting Apple iPhone earbuds. Available in three colors (chrome, black, and silver), these stylish ’buds bring quality sound to your music and phone calls.


The FMJs give you nice bass, rich midtones, and crisp, clean high-range sounds. They come with a carrying case, one set of silicone tips, and two sets of foam tips. The silicone tips tended to slip out of our ears, while the foam tips fit snugly.


The earbuds come with a cable switch like the one on the standard iPhone earbuds. It controls answering and disconnecting calls, and will pause your music so you can talk. The microphone sound quality was excellent—the people we called couldn’t tell the difference between the mic on the FMJs and the built-in iPhone mic. Background noise was kept to a minimum while we were in the car and walking in the wind.


The bottom line. The FMJ earbuds are a fairly pricey $79.95—that’s $50 more than the Apple iPhone earbuds but $20 less than the V-Moda Vibe Duo earphones. But if you want quality sound and better-fitting iPhone earbuds, the $50 difference will be easily forgotten.


COMPANY: Skullcandy


PRICE: $79.95


Great sound, both in and out. They have skulls.

Pricey. Silicone tips slip out of ears. They have skulls.





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What's the difference between "chrome" and "silver"?


Roberto Baldwin

Their "silver" has a matte finish while the "chrome" is shiny.


aka 'Berto



are these headphones as good as the Bose in ear ones?

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