Sleeker iMacs and iMac Keyboards, UK iPhone Deal in the Works, iPod Update Coming, and More

Sleeker iMacs and iMac Keyboards, UK iPhone Deal in the Works, iPod Update Coming, and More

Sleeker iMacs: Rumor has it that Apple has redesigned the iMac so that's it's thinner and has a revamped keyboard. The rumor also reiterates that the 17-inch iMac will be discontinued. No word yet as to what processors will be in the new iMac, but we bet it'll be some variation of the Santa Rosa platform released last May.


Mac OS X iPod in January: An analyst believes that Mac OS X-based iPods will ship in January. Now, Steve Jobs said something about a new iPod at a company meeting, so this rumor isn't much of a stretch. The new iPod will supposedly have a touchscreen interface. Will you miss the clickwheel?


Steve Jobs working on UK iPhone deal?: Apple's CEO was seen in the Regent Street Apple Store in London yesterday, fueling speculation that Jobs was in the UK to work on a iPhone carrier deal. Rumor has it that O2 will be the UK iPhone carrier, but this rumor hasn't been confirmed.


iPhone nano: Apple has filed a patent for what some are calling the iPhone nano. The iPhone nano is essentially an iPod nano with basic phone capabilities. Apple files new patents all the time, so this is purely a concept right now. An iPhone nano could be a popular product with folks who thought the iPhone was too expensive.


iPhoneDevCamp reveals iPhone secrets: This past weekend, a bunch of would-be iPhone developers gathered to figure out how to create software for the iPhone. The big lessoned learned at iPhoneDevCamp: You can't do much because Safari on the iPhone doesn't support Flash or Java. A vast majority can't understand why Apple expects third-party developers to use a SDK that Apple itself doesn't use. Developers at iPhoneDevCamp were able to create useful iPhone software.




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Hopefully the next iPhone is an unlocked phone that can run on all GSM and CDMA networks so the world can enjoy a good device and a good service provider.


Eye of the Tiger

yes! I am looking forward to a less expensive version of the current iphone. Hopefully Apple will release an iPhone nano in the near future.

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