Smarten Up Safari

Smarten Up Safari

Safari is a pretty good Web browser. But out of the gate, it may not be as Web 2.0 savvy as you'd like. (We're taking bets whether that might improve with the October release of Leopard.) Here are three fast ways to inject a little Web 2.0 into Apple's signature browser.


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Rock Safari's RSS Reader


Safari's integrated RSS browser is slick, but you can't search the content of the news stories linked in the RSS feeds. But you can organize your RSS feeds into collections that you can search in bulk.


Prepare the feast by clicking Safari's Bookmarks icon. Click the plus-sign icon beneath the Collections list to add folders to the list, and create folders for all the subjects you want to search categorically. Select All RSS Feeds and drag and drop bookmarked feeds into the appropriate folders.


Now select Bookmarks Bar from the top of the Collections list to display the contents of the bar in the main Bookmarks window - you want to make room for your newly created RSS collections. Once you've cleared out the Bookmarks Bar, drag the folders containing RSS bookmarks from the Collections list into the main window to the Bookmarks Bar. Now when you need some news, just pick a topic from your Bookmarks Bar and select a juicy feed or View All RSS Articles to load the RSS browser and search the collection.


The View All RSS Articles option appears in any folder containing an RSS-feed bookmark.


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Open Your Mind with AcidSearch


Call us old school, but we still do most of our Web searching via Google. But that all changes now. AcidSearch (free) packs all of our favorite Google search tools - plus other non-Google tools like for Mac software updates and Gracenote CDDB for album info - right into Safari's toolbar. Just download and install AcidSearch, then fire up Safari and click the magnifying glass to summon the AcidSearch menu. Pick your preferred search agent from the list, type in your search term, and press Return.


To see Web 2.0 in action, select AcidSearch Preferences from the bottom of the magnifying-glass menu. Under the Selected Channel section, you can rearrange the order of your search menu, delete channels that you don't want, or click the More Channels button to slide out a side panel with hundreds more search channels. You can even create your own channels by visiting your favorite search site and submitting a search query. On the results page, copy the URL out of your browser's address field and paste it into TextEdit or another text editor. Copy the first part of the URL (up to right before you see your search term) and paste it into the Prefix URL field, then copy and paste the part after your search term into the Suffix URL field.


Select from prefab search channels or make your own.


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Expand Your View


PicLens (free) works with Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, Google Images, Yahoo Images, and Images. When you're perusing pics on one of these sites, you just click on the lower-left corner of an image, and your Mac instantly launches the PicLens viewer, allowing you to see the image and others in the related photo album in full-screen mode.


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BONUS TIP: Tasty Tagging with


At its most basic, is a site that lets you upload your bookmarks so you can access them from any computer and tag them with handy descriptions. There's a little more to it than that, though. You can view and search about 2 million users' bookmark collections. You can bookmark and tag Flickr photos. You can view your tags in a Dashboard widget. You can post your podcasts and let turn them into an RSS feed - and so much more. Some of these tasks require you to install browser plug-ins, so after you sign up for your free account, search the site for "delicious tools." - Michelle Delio




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