Sneaky iPhone Headline Riles the Internet

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Sneaky iPhone Headline Riles the Internet


Robert Palmer of TUAW found a headline from ZDNet Australia that might be overreaching and guilty of being link bait.


The offending headline is, "Photos: iPhone running Windows XP." Sounds exciting right? Right now you're thinking to yourself, "Oh my God, they ported Windows to the iPhone. It's a sign of the coming apocalypse!"


Now before you start praying to your deity of choice, there is a bit information you need to know. The iPhone in question is actually part of a demo of Citrix's thin client technology's capacity for remote desktop at the Citrix Application Delivery Conference in Melbourne. Citrix is controlling a Windows machine with the iPhone over Wi-Fi.


Not exactly an iPhone running Windows.


So what do you think? Is ZDNet Australia guilty of a link bait headline?




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"Not exactly an iPhone running Windows."

But so damn cool. Controlling a computer remotely from the iPhone would be awesome. Hell, I think it's great that I can even run OpenSSH on mine.



Definitely, I already do it with a VNC client on my iphone, sometimes I need to refer to it doesn't mean I have to touch it

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