Solving the Leopard Puzzle

Solving the Leopard Puzzle


To Haxie or Not to Haxie?


Unsanity came up with the word “haxie” (a hybrid of “hack Mac OS X”) to refer to tweaks you can make after installing the company’s Application Enhancer software, or APE (free, www Examples are Font Card (to modify the Font menu), Mighty Mouse (to change the look of your cursor), and FruitMenu (to tweak the Apple menu and contextual menus). APE is free, but most of Unsanity’s actual haxie apps cost between $10 and $20.


However, since these apps change Mac OS X’s code in ways Apple didn’t intend, they can cause problems with other software, and so Apple and several other developers recommend steering clear of them to avoid issues. For example, Bare Bones Software products (BBEdit, Yojimbo, TextWrangler, and others) display a warning after a crash or force-quit that haxies might be the culprit. And according to a 2007 email by an Apple Developer Technical Support employee, Apple’s official policy is not to support systems with APE installed, even ignoring crash reports sent by users if the report finds that APE is installed on that Mac.


And if you have APE installed on Tiger, even Unsanity recommends you don’t install Leopard unless you first upgrade APE to version 2.0.3. Even trying to delete APE from your Leopard Mac won’t fix the problem—you’ve got to upgrade APE. And Unsanity does have Leopard-compatible versions of the haxie apps available for download, but they’re currently just in beta (meaning they’re free but even riskier than normal). Haxie at your own risk—we’re steering clear of APE altogether for now.


Terminal Tricks


Messing around in the Terminal can be a little nerve-wracking—there’s no Undo, and exact spelling is essential. But all the power users are doing it, so if you want to try tweaking Leopard’s UI the big-boy way, roll up your sleeves, launch the Terminal from Applications/Utilities, and type in these commands exactly as we’ve written them.


Make the Dock 2D instead of 3D
Type (all on one line): defaults write no-glass -boolean YES
Press Return.
Type: killall Dock
Press Return again.
To revert to the 3D dock, type in the
same command, but substitute
NO for YES.


Add a “Recent Applications” stack to your Dock
Type (all on one line): defaults write persistent-others -array-add ‘{ “tile-data” = { “list-type” = 1; }; ‘tile-type’ = “recents-tile”; }’
Press Return.
Type: killall Dock
Press Return again.


Force apps to display the expanded Print dialog by default
Type (all on one line): defaults write -g PMPrintingExpandedStateForPrint -bool TRUE
Press Return.
To reverse this, enter the same command, but substitute FALSE for TRUE.




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Stinks that haxies still don't work now and we're at 10.6.6. Please make them work, Unsanity!



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How do I give it an icon? At the moment I only have an empty space thats easy mistakeable for an error or a spacing icon. Can I give it an icon?


Michael Williams

Am I special, or did I get a bum update? I checked my desktop preferences and I see no "turn off translucent" button on MY screen.


Alexsander Akers

I have a USB Logitech camera, and it works just fine with iChat for Leopard.

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