Sony's Fear of Firewire

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Sony's Fear of Firewire

When I hooked my new Sony Handycam to my MacBook through the USB 2.0 port, the Mac asked me to hook up my camcorder through the FireWire port. But my HandyCam doesn’t have FireWire. Is there any way to download video files off a camcorder through USB rather than FireWire?


QuickTime doesn’t natively speak Sony’s dialect of the MPEG video format—so none of your apps do either. But you can convert the files into standard DV easily enough with the handy DropDV 2.0 app ($39.99, If you’d rather pay less money and have a less-pretty app, ffmpegX ($15, does the trick, wrangling the power of raw Unix codecs into a no-frills graphical interface.



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What company would accuse their customers of pirating before the customers do anything? Sony
What company tries to monopolize their products so consumers only use their products? Sony

Sony is a company with historically bad business ethics. From their DRM rootkits (which they did TWICE), and trying to force MD and MemoryStick on consumers when there are better options out there just sickens me.


michael Dunlop

Sony is stupid. Firewire is the norm for video import. What drove them to make such a genius decision?



Its just another dumb mistake like with the PS3, telling everyone that the console is now starts at $399. Yet, what they fail to mention is the lack of backwards compatibility with PS2 games for the $399 model, altogether, that system will more than likely never have B.C. with PS2 games since it lacks the hardware for it. Also to tell people that Blu-ray movies (ex. Cars, and Spider Man 3, commercials) play on your PS3, kind of shows how they’re desperate for buyers, which also they wouldn’t know what to get, or that, when to get a PS3 since they’ve had 5 different models, 3 of which are already discontinued, in less than a year.

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