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Speck SeeThru

The sleek SeeThru adds barely any bulk, but a bit of weight


If buying a MacBook Air didn’t empty your bank account, fear not. The stampede of related accessories is ravenously thundering toward you, ready to gobble up every spare dollar. Sure, that might seem cynical, especially since, as far as add-ons are concerned, a good laptop case is usually considered money well spent.


Speck’s SeeThru is a hard-shell case that snaps onto the top and bottom of the Air. The case leaves the ports and vents open, and doesn’t impede you from opening the Air past 90 degrees (for use with a laptop stand, for example). We liked how the clear version added a bit of shine to the Mac, and it also comes in smoky gray or bright pink. Although it adds barely any bulk, the SeeThru does increase the Air’s weight by 12.5 ounces—which feels significant since the Air is only 3 pounds by itself. Removal was easy, especially compared to the last SeeThru we tested, for the 15-inch MacBook Pro (3 out of 5 stars Mar/07, p68).


The bottom line. The SeeThru is thin enough to fit practically anywhere (even inside the Envelope Sleeve), and lets the real star—your MacBook Air—shine through.



CONTACT: www.speckproducts.com

PRICE: $49.95


Thin plastic shell offers protection but leaves ports and vents open. Available in clear, smoke, and pink.

Adds 25 percent to your MacBook Air’s weight




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