SpeckTone Retro

SpeckTone Retro

For the iPod swingster.


With its Happy Days-inspired look and feel, the SpeckTone Retro definitely stands out in the crowded iPod speaker stand space. We instantly liked the glossy green - avocado? - wood case and brown grill on the unit we tested, but black/black and white/gray are available for anyone who prefers a more subtle look.


However, aside from its appearance, nothing else about the SpeckTone Retro really makes it stand out. It sounds decent, with good, overall tone that has a full-sounding midrange, a bit lacking in the high end, and subdued but noticeable bass response. The SpeckTone Retro has a subwoofer but lacks separate controls to adjust it. The only control is a silver volume knob at the center of the unit. The sound can fill a room, but if you crank it up, you enter a world of distortion.


The power switch is inconveniently placed at the rear - reach around, and you'll eventually find it under the power adapter. Next to the power switch is the audio-in jack, which lets you connect other audio devices.


Speck Products is nice enough to include matching silicone iPod cases, but the cases are for the 5G iPod and the iPod nano (the first generation) only. One last annoyance: There's no remote control.


The bottom line. If your iPod is filled with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Royal Crown Revue, and Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys, the SpeckTone Retro will certain look the part. But you should opt for sometime a little more modern if you're picky about sound quality.


COMPANY: Speck Products
CONTACT: 650-463-8918, www.speckproducts.com
PRICE: $149.95
Stylish. Powerful volume from a small unit. Decent sound.
Power switch located on rear panel. No remote control.





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